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KeysTec, LLC was formed by Daniel (Dan) Keys in 2004 for the purpose of developing and marketing innovative solutions to some of the Industrial Waste Water Treatment Industry’s most difficult and elusive problems.  After serving the Industrial Waste Water Treatment industry in a variety of capacities for over 20 years, KeysTec, LLC was created to apply sensible engineering principles to the many problems continuing to plague the industry.
The combined background of KeysTec principles includes decades of experience in Industrial Waste Water Treatment systems, equipment and design.  Combined with experience in the Information Technology (IT) field, Industrial Control and Process Engineering & Control, our background in Dissolved Air Flotation application and design allows us to bring new and practical solutions to the industry, taking advantage of the latest technology and cost savings available.
  • Focus on problem areas where solutions are too costly or perform poorly.
  • Keep the designed solutions as simple as possible increasing product reliability
  • Provide solutions that use readily available, low cost components wherever possible for ease of maintenance and low initial cost.