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DAF Pumps and Dissolved Air Flotation

Air-Whip Daf Pumps

Keystec Air-whip DAF Pumps

Dissolved air flotation is the process of injecting microscopic bubbles into an influent to create a flocculant in waste water. The flocculant rises to the top and is skimmed away. Dissolved Air Flotation is a simple enough concept. You create small enough parts so that things can be handled on a electro-chemical level. Charges attract suspended particles whose charges are keeping them apart. Microscopic air bubbles, correctly produced, along with the right chemical agents collect all the garbage in wastewater and float it to the top- each particle surrounded by microscopic bubbles that carry each particle away. Mind you, this isn’t the large bubbles produced by some equipment that produces something like chocolate mousse. This is ultra fine microscopic bubbles that do more than just produce a coagulant. Your end result is flocculant, a more solid and “load bearing” composition of very small bubbles. Your end product is much higher in waste content, leaving nearly pure clear water.

The savings can be enormous. The applications of this technology are countless and new applications are being developed.

Sending treated water to municipal sewage costs much less than buying pollution credits.

Are you using Hellbender DAF pumps or Edur DAF pumps or another brand that costs thousands of dollars, but wears out quickly under industrial loads? Who wants to spend $25,000 every six months on replacement DAF pumps?

Airwhip pump by Keystec

Enter the Air-whip DAF pump. It’s simple- our pumps last years. Some of our first pumps, installed several years ago are still operating at full capacity today,

Our technology produces the needed micron size bubbles with a specially engineered design that uses a modified standard style pump with much higher durability. One of our pumps actually had a work shirt introduced in the influent and is still running strong after the “experience”.

Inquire now about the Air-Whip DAF pump 888-216-1231. or email dave@dissolvedair.com